Division 2
  Team   P W L F A Pen Total
1Blackheath 1Validated171432841060284
2Bromley LTC 2Awaiting validation171342651320265
3Blackheath 2Awaiting validation18992212070221
4Dulwich 3Awaiting updated results171072151840215
5Bexley 2Awaiting validation18810205226-2203
6Tunbridge Wells SRC 2Awaiting updated results1798209194-10199
7Poult Wood 1Awaiting updated results16881771950177
8Mote 1Awaiting updated results16881732040173
9Park Langley 2Awaiting updated results16214115255-2113
10Hartley 1Awaiting updated results16313104265-4100


Validation column symbols
All matches prior to day entered and validated.
All matches prior to today entered but NOT validated.
Results outstanding.