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Division 6: Summer League 2018 
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  Team   P W L D F A Pen Total
1Blackheath 4Validated121020201840201
2Sundridge Park 3Awaiting updated results11830165930165
3Beckenham 3Validated127501641250164
4Limpsfield 2Awaiting updated results11740148105-2146
5Nuffield Health 2Validated12480117171-2115
6Bexley 6Validated12390106178-1690
7Park Langley 5Validated122100552001065
8Knole Park 2 (withdrawn) Validated00000000

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Validation column symbols
All matches prior to today entered and validated.
All matches prior to today entered but NOT validated.
Results outstanding.

Note: The F(or) and A(gainst) columns are based upon the points received and not the individual games or goals.


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